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In this page you will find announcements of new resources and products, that will be deployed for usage and testing. You will also find you will find scientific references of the SAVAS technologies.

SAVAS Resources and products:

A wide number of technologies and products for Live Subtitling are currently available as state of the art from SAVAS partners. They are available for several languages, and can be succesfully used and tested in 2 project scopes: Transcription and Respeaking.

Project scope: Transcription

S.Live! is the first-of-a-kind Speaker Independent Online Transcription system, with very large vocabulary coverage and realtime performance and online operation. It can create live subtitles in different formats in sync with live or streamed audio.

S.Scribe! is a Batch Speaker Independent Transcription system, able to automatically transcribe audio and video files into time-aligned subtitles, to detect speech and non-speech audio (music, Jingles…), and to give information on speaker language and  gender.

  • September 2012: available the Spanish and Portuguese ASR engine
  • October 2012: available the Basque ASR engine
  • December 2012: available the Italian and Swiss Italian ASR engine
  • March 2013: available new versions of all the languages in the S.Live! and S.Server! systems
  • June 2013: available French and German engine
  • September 2013: available version 2 of all the languages
  • March 2014: NOW available final version 3 of all the languages

Project scope: Respeaking

S.Respeak! is a remote Respeaking system for collaborative subtitling with fast post-speech editing. S.Respeak! produces text within an acceptable delay, has a correct on-screen text persistence and allows the appropriate use of accents and punctuation, the automatic management of subtitle formatting (colours and capitalization styles) or the use of domain-specific topics and phrases, together with fast post-speech editing. It is available in the following languages: Italian, Spanish, Basque, French, German, English UK and English US, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese.

  • December 2012: available the Italian system
  • June 2013: available the Basque system
  • February 2014: release of S.Respeak! Version1. Respeaking go live at RAI
  • March 2014: release of S.Respeak! Version2. Automatic Subtitling goes live at RAI.

SAVAS Demo videos: Transcription System 

Please send us an email to access the download page.

SAVAS Documentation:

SAVAS Publications:

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